The Road to a Comprehensive Conflict Minerals Program in 2015

The Road to a Comprehensive Conflict Minerals Program in 2015

Perspectives from Multi-Industry Program Leaders

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The long & windy road to a comprehensive #conflictminerals program. Perspectives from multi-industry program leaders:


Conflict minerals compliance will become more complex in 2015.

Friday, July 17, 2015 - 1:00pm

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It seems like every company that has to file with the SEC or has customers that have to file for Dodd-Frank 1502, Conflict Minerals rule, is talking about three things right now: (1) whether or not it should move to product level reporting, (2) how to improve response rates and (3) how to ensure its data is accurate.

Reporting year 2015 will be the third year companies will have to file with the SEC, but it will also be the first year the “undeterminable” distinction will go away. The original rule was set up to give companies in year one and year two a grace period to figure out their supply chain. In year three, however, a more detailed and descriptive look at companies’ supply chains will be required. Hence, response rates and data quality move up on the priority list for conflict minerals program managers.

In a recent webinar/roundtable with Source Intelligence, industry leaders from Apparel, Oil & Gas, Retail, Manufacturing and Electronics Industries discussed strategies and best practices during three stages of conflict minerals management. Whether you are just getting started, looking to improve your current conflict minerals program, or need to change it all together, insights from Source Intelligence industry leaders will help guide you to success.

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