Publicis Groupe Releases its 2014 CSR Report

Publicis Groupe Releases its 2014 CSR Report

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 8:30am

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For the 6th year, Publicis Groupe, the third largest communication company, is publishing its CSR Report. Since 2009, Publicis Groupe has embraced 98% of the company scope in the CSR reporting despite its decentralized organization (750 business units in more than 100 countries, with over 66 600 people in 2014). CSR strategy is organized around 4 main areas; Social (teams and talents), Cultural (community engagement), Governance & Ethics (rules and behaviors), and Environment (impacts).

2014 is the third year with external audit; 54 agencies (representing 32% of the headcount) were audited on-site (6 countries). The goal of external audit was to ensure robustness in data and information collection, and to work deeper with local teams in the agencies about the importance of sustainability in the Day-to-Day activities and practices.

Publicis Groupe complies with the French regulation (Grenelle Law - Art 225) and voluntarily follows the GRI-G4 framework, as well as the UN Global Compact (signed in 2003) and the ISO 26000 guidelines.

Some 2014 performance highlights:

  • In a company with over 52% women in the total headcount, women are still 39% in the agencies executive committee (BUs level)
  • In 2014, agencies within the Groupe were active in Talent, Diversity and Inclusion with several employee’s resources groups / business employee’s groups (BRGs like VivaWomen!, Egalité, MOCA, Adelante, Hola, Panasian…)
  • 1 millions hours of training were undertaken across agencies and 63% of employees participated in training sessions during 2014
  • Publicis Groupe agencies community engagement was still important in 2014; the financial value estimated was €51.4m – pro-bono campaigns (work and free media space) and volunteering initiatives
  • In 2014 Publicis Groupe increased its engagement with suppliers by using the EcoVadis platform
  • Over 120 large business units across countries participated within the Groupe internal initiative «Create & Impact 2014» with one global goal: to be active and provide positive impact as «Sustainability & CSR agents»
  • Following its environmental policy «Consume Less and Better» Publicis Groupe is expecting to be aligned with the EU strategy «20-20-20» in 2020; already 26% of energy is from renewable sources; energy intensity has been improved by 16%; global greenhouse emissions are nearly stable (due to better traceability of transportation and commuting data).

Publicis Groupe wants to be an active member of a long chain of CSR players counting clients, suppliers, partners, citizens-customers, NGOs, academics within the society in general.

For an interactive version of the report please click here.

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