Promoting the Printed Page Through Powerful Pages for Children

Promoting the Printed Page Through Powerful Pages for Children

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In today’s #technology-driven world, @DomtarEveryday remain committed to the printed page and to promoting #literacy among children

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Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 11:00am

CAMPAIGN: 2019 Domtar Sustainability Report


In today’s technology-driven world, we remain committed to the printed page and to promoting literacy among children. Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, community leaders, students and the EarthChoice Ambassadors, worked together to develop, fund and dedicate the Domtar Learning Lounge at the Johnsonburg Area Junior Senior High School. 

In 2012, Domtar sponsored the first of 12 Ben Carson Reading Rooms at the Johnsonburg Elementary School. It was such a success that, as students moved to junior and senior high school, they missed having a place dedicated to leisure reading. Students created a plan to renovate space within the school’s library to create a reading room and volunteers transformed the space.

Domtar funded a First Book Marketplace Grant, enabling the school to buy more than 450 books at a reduced rate. And, books printed on paper made at the Johnsonburg facility, as well as books that highlight Johnsonburg and the mill history, where also donated to the lounge.

Now, high school students can continue to enjoy a good book, in a reading space of their own.

Domtar partnered with First Book to transform the lives of children in need by making books and resources available to the educators and kids who need them most.

In 2018, Domtar collaborated with First Book to deliver a truck-full of books to Classroom Central, a Charlotte, North Carolina, non-profit which equips students in need by collecting and distributing free school supplies to their teachers. For the third year, volunteers from Domtar’s corporate offices in Fort Mill, South Carolina, unpacked, sorted and shelved the books, creating a bookstore and inviting teachers from Mecklenburg and York counties to “shop” for brand-new, free books for their schools and students.

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