Over 2,000 People Attend Banorte’s Environmental Education Program

Over 2,000 People Attend Banorte’s Environmental Education Program

Banorte's green roof educational program. Photos: Eduardo Alarcón

Banorte's green roof educational program. Photos: Eduardo Alarcón

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Banorte’s green roof surpasses initial target of 2,000 visitors http://3bl.me/er3v2b


  • With 2,272 visitors, Banorte’s green roof exceeds its initial goal by 13%.
  •  GFNorte promotes environmental conservation among employees and society in general with this educational project.
  • Employees, suppliers and various institutions have benefited from the educational program
Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 11:30am

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Banorte’s green roof educational program has successfully completed its first stage surpassing its initial goal by 13% with a total of 2,272 visitors.

The main modalities of the program, aimed both at an internal and external audience, are:

  • Tours with environmental activities: workshops, lectures and reflection activities on topics such as climate change, green cities and biodiversity, among others
  • Traveling without activities
  • Family Saturdays: 4-hour programs designed exclusively for Banorte employees and their families.

Some of those who benefit from the educational program are Contact Center personnel, new executives and family members of employees as well as technological and food providers in the Monterrey building and institutions such as the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, the Instituto de la Juventud (Youth Institute) and the Instituto de la Mujer Regia (Institute of the Women from Mexico’s northern region).

In the second stage of the program, Banorte will focus on benefiting educational institutions, thanks to an agreement with the Ministry for Public Education to invite primary school students as well as through the generation of a research partnership with higher education institutions. In addition, the program will seek to extend its reach to employees of other buildings in the northern part of the country.

This program symbolizes a great achievement for GFNorte as a banking institution, not only because it reflects Banorte’s great commitment to the environment and society, but because each visit that it receives, contributes to the conservation of the planet and thus makes Mexico stronger. 

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