One-Day Strategic Sustainability Training For Your Team

One-Day Strategic Sustainability Training For Your Team


Equip your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools to embed sustainability throughout your organization and empower them to accelerate the change toward sustainability

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 2:30pm

Equip your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools to embed sustainability throughout your organization and empower them to accelerate the change toward sustainability.

Customized Learning for Your Organization

In addition to The Natural Step Canada’s Sustainability for Leaders course, we now offer a customized one-day workshop specific to your organization’s context that brings together the core concepts of sustainability, systems thinking, and the leadership skills needed to achieve organizational change. This training draws upon 20 years of practical experience working with hundreds of leading businesses and communities around the world.

Valued for its rich content, inspiring facilitators, and interactive design, our Strategic Sustainability Training is a proven and engaging way for your team, partners, and stakeholders to understand and embrace the core concepts of sustainability, apply them to real-world cases, and prepare to transfer the learning to your organization’s circumstances. Participants will hone their leadership skills and be able to create targeted sustainability strategies for your organization that yield concrete results in the short and long term.

Exceptional Benefits

  • Through this customized training, your organization will gain:

  • An understanding of how sustainability drives value creation and innovation for your organization

  • The ability to integrate sustainability into your core business, operations, governance, and stakeholder engagement

  • A thorough grasp of sustainability concepts and a robust framework to drive sustainability decision-making

  • Leadership capacity to move sustainability forward internally and in your industry sector

  • An invigorated corporate culture around sustainable development

  • Heightened employee engagement around a compelling vision

  • Increased commitment and employee productivity   

Sample Agenda

  • Warm-up: What Motivates You to Work for Sustainability?

  • Workshop Goals, Objectives, and Agenda

  • Value Creation and Sustainability

  • Break

  • Sustainability 101/Core Concepts Refresher

  • Lunch

  • Identifying Key Sustainability Challenges and Case Study

  • Strategic Goals

  • Break

  • Strategic Goals

  • Force Field Analysis

  • Action Planning

  • Learning Synthesis, Workshop Feedback, and Closing

Experienced Educators

The Natural Step Canada’s talented team of experienced sustainability advisors and educators will deepen your team’s capacity in the sustainability arena. We use an interactive and dialogue-rich course design to provide memorable, results-oriented training that enables your organization to accelerate change toward a more sustainable future.

Outstanding Value

All participants receive:

  • A customized, 1-day workshop facilitated by our experienced sustainability advisors

  • A 1-year license for our award-winning Sustainability 101 eLearning course

  • Membership in The Natural Step Exchange, our exclusive network for sustainability professionals from across Canada

Additionally, we offer an optional follow-up webinar to reinforce the learning for your staff.


5-15 attendees - $6,500

16-30 attendees - $12,000

Optional follow up webinar (recommended) - $500

Note: Additional charges may apply for travel, A/V, venue, and catering.


"The workshop was excellent. I have learned a great deal and have come away from it with a deep feeling of motivation and energy to move forward with sustainability in my organization" - Course Graduate



Saralyn Hodgkin
The Natural Step Canada