The New Disruptors

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The New Disruptors

By Cindy Wilson
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Meet the new disruptors: social innovators via @CSRwire #socinn

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 12:30pm


Meet the new disruptors: social innovators.

As a company whose mission is to do good work that matters, we’re always searching for ways to achieve and maintain a lasting impact in the worlds of both social innovation and corporate social responsibility. As event producers for Fortune 500 companies, our work affords us access to a dynamic roster of industry experts and innovators, and Deloitte has shown itself to be a leader.

Deloitte has been analyzing social impact practices and revealing the persuasive ways in which they can transform entire industries, and they recently released a detailed report analyzing every Global Fortune 500 company’s status as it relates to social impact. Intrigued by their work, we began to see the ways in which social impact strategies were disrupting entire business sectors.

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Cindy is president and founder of Wilsonwest.

Cindy likes to say that Wilsonwest is as old as Charlie, her twenty-four year old son, as she founded the San Francisco-based event marketing company just weeks before his arrival. Prior to this, she spent seven years with Carlson Marketing Worldwide and five years in New York with Merrill Lynch.