Nature Needs Heroes: Actor Yo Yang on Supporting Eco-conscious Projects

Nature Needs Heroes: Actor Yo Yang on Supporting Eco-conscious Projects

Actor and supporter of eco-conscious projects. Taipei.

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Meet Yo Yang, actor and supporter of eco-conscious projects who's also one of @Timberland's heroes for nature, devoting their talents and influence to make a difference. #Timberland #NatureNeedsHeroes


Timberland is proud to feature Yo Yang in the brand’s “Nature Needs Heroes” campaign, which celebrates heroes around the world who are making positive change for the planet, and calls on the global community to join the movement. 

Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 2:20pm

CAMPAIGN: Nature Needs Heroes


Yo Yang is an actor from Taipei with a passion for the outdoors. “I enjoy nearly every outdoor activity—surfing, jogging, hiking—Mother Nature really energizes me.” He believes it’s his responsibility as a public figure to set an example and influence others to do good for the environment. “Even small actions can make tremendous changes. My goal is to not only make a positive impact but encourage others to support Mother Earth.” 

As a role model, Yo raises awareness of environmental and sustainable issues through works like his “Birthday Project.” The Birthday Project is a tabletop plant packaged in a completely recycled and biodegradable container. The plant is given to fans as a reminder to always protect the environment.

As a hero for nature, Yo literally “walks the talk.” He’s worked with Timberland and Japanese NGO, Green Network, to plant trees in China’s Horqin Desert to fight deforestation, prevent sandstorms and improve air quality across eastern Asia. This once verdant grassland in Inner Mongolia has become a sandy desert. Green Network’s vision is to restore it back to grassland by working with the local community and influencers like Yo who lead by example.

Yo hopes to see new people get involved—those who have never done anything for the environment before. He believes once a person gets started, they become influencers themselves.

“We don’t need to have superpowers to do something, we just need to get started. Begin with your daily life. What you choose to buy or eat helps determine the fate of the future. Simplify your life. Buy less. Waste less. Commute by bicycle. Support those planting trees and helping the environment. Then you can become a hero for nature.” 

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