NOW is the Best Time to Rebuild Your Board: Here’s Why and How

NOW is the Best Time to Rebuild Your Board: Here’s Why and How

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NOW is the best time to rebuild your #nonprofit #board: Here's how & why #corpgov
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 8:00pm


According to surveys by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, nonprofits face growing financial pressures while also experiencing greater demands for services. At the same time, there are new funding opportunities for nonprofits, including corporations seeking to advance social and environmental purposes as well as investors and new philanthropists. The smartest NGOs/nonprofits will weather the financial threats while capturing substantial new revenues in the next several years.

The organizations that build the most effective boards of directors, who work in concert with their CEOs, will win; they will win by maximizing strategic and financial success. So if your board is stale by a matter of years or decades, you most certainly need to build a new board. But even if you just recently completed a board-building process, it’s good to begin thinking about the next board members you want to recruit.

In fact, each board should work on building the next board that will take the organization even farther to the next level.

Here’s WHY it’s important to continuously build the board:

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