The Management and Execution of Global Citizenship

The Management and Execution of Global Citizenship

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Webinar: The management and execution of global citizenship

Monday, October 27, 2014 - 3:05pm

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The world has never been so small, nor the issues facing it so far-reaching. Last month, the United Nations convened a general assembly to discuss the broad range of issues facing the world, including climate change, health, and security. In his closing speech, Sam Kutesa, President of the UNGA 69 stressed the need for “financial resources, capacity building, and technology development and transfer” from all global leaders and partners.

Businesses are critical in finding solutions to these needs, and are increasingly expected to respond to global issues. Nearly 70 percent of the Center for Corporate Citizenship’s 400 member companies identify as either global or international, but even domestic companies are connected to the global network through their supply chains, access to capital, and employees.

According to the Center’s 2013 Profile of the Practice report, almost two-thirds of companies report having a formal corporate citizenship strategy, although a smaller percentage of companies reported having a global corporate citizenship strategy in 2013 versus 2010. This may reflect challenges in scaling corporate citizenship on a global level. Corporations have grappled with this and many other logistical challenges of operating and executing citizenship abroad, including navigating foreign bureaucracies, differences in the cultural definition of philanthropy, the role of non-profits, and the diverse needs of local communities.

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