Making Green Into A Career Can Change Your Life For The Better

Making Green Into A Career Can Change Your Life For The Better

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Make Green or Sustainability a career for you or make your company green now
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 12:05pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Richmond, IL - March 2, 2010 - This month M.J. Richmond from the Green Business League was on the Executive Board of Green during the career week at DePaul University. He was very appreciative to be recognized at DePaul because he went there for his undergraduate degree in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a minor in the sales leadership program.  Even though M.J. only graduated last year in June he has been making a big difference in the Green World with his efforts and innovations.

M.J. Richmond is a Green consultant, business development manager, website designer, and marketing director not only from the Green Business League but for the Green Clean Institute as well.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Green Business League they are a nationally recognized corporation the mainly does Green business consulting and certifications.  M.J. has certified multiple large corporations with his time at the Green Business League and the most recent one was Clean World USA, which is located in South Carolina and they are a large janitorial firm with over 100 employees.

M.J. Richmond also does a great deal of work with creating Green Job courses that is also affiliated Green Business League.  These courses such as weatherization, solar and wind power, Green landscaping, Green Realtor are made to educate individuals or class room settings on how they can learn more and become certified in that particular Green field of work.  These courses are used by many large companies such as the Department of Labor, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Vocational facilities, Green Training facilities, and colleges.

There is a great deal of passion that M.J. has for the environment and how to improve it. That is what makes him a good Green Consultant and Green Innovator.  M.J.’s education on Green issues has come with working alongside R. Michael Richmond which is his father and owner of the Green Business League.  Even thought he is still young and very inexperienced in Green initiatives, he is still very knowledgeable about environmental projects and can see a very clear path of the future that the Going Green Movement is going to take.

You must realize that "Energy costs are going to skyrocket" in the years to come.  I enjoy showing firms how to save money on many levels including energy.  The ability to save 10-25% on energy costs today, will turn into enormous savings in years to come.    As you know, every dollar saved in operational cost will increase your company's profitability this year and every year to come.  Increased costs are as certain as tomorrow's sunrise.  Therefore, what I do for my customers has tremendous benefits for their future success and profitability.

Earning the Green Business Certified status from the Green Business League starts with an assessment review.  Your company probably has a variety of Green ideas in place, but it has no way to verify and validate your Green accomplishments.  During the assessment, we award points for all Green elements of your business.  We also make suggestions that will get you to the needed 100 point certification goal.  In most cases, these suggestions are very simple and affordable.  The value that you will receive exceeds the cost and effort many times over, and that is what my services demonstrate.  Going Green is not a cost, it is always about savings! Go to the Green Business League website or the Green Clean Institute website to learn more about how you or your company can Go Green.