KFC UK M​akes a D​ifference at S​unemployment R​oadshow

KFC UK M​akes a D​ifference at S​unemployment R​oadshow

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Monday, July 18, 2016 - 9:10am

KFC UK added hope to more than 70 people at the 2016 Sunemployment Roadshow, a job fair campaign from one of the UK’s biggest newspapers created to place long-term unemployed people into jobs. The UK team has supported the roadshow for five years running and participated in the 2016 campaign’s three job fairs.

Many of these 70 new hires are coming out of hardships or disadvantaged backgrounds within the communities KFC stores are located.

KFC’s recruitment at the event demonstrates not only a commitment to building our talent, but also a focus on helping communities hear from some of the hired employees below.

Barry, 27, who said, “Before the roadshow, it felt like I would never get work. My baby girl was born just before and it made me realize I had to get a job and give her a better life.”

When asked about his thoughts on receiving a job offer from KFC? “I was over the moon!” exclaimed Barry. He received a job during 2015’s employment fair.

Connor, 22, also received a job at last year’s fair and said KFC interviewed him and offered him a job on the spot – something he definitely wasn’t expecting to happen (but was very excited about!).

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