Impact of LIVESTRONG at the YMCA

Impact of LIVESTRONG at the YMCA

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"The Impact of LIVESTRONG at the YMCA" by @LIVESTRONGGreg

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Friday, February 12, 2016 - 2:20pm

CAMPAIGN: LIVESTRONG in the Communities


I’m continually amazed by the impact we have in the lives of people affected by cancer. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is one of the best examples of how we directly change the lives of cancer survivors. I recognize we have talked about this before, but the impact is amazing and cannot be understated. As of this year, this program has served more than 34,500 survivors recovering from the damage cancer has done to their body and spirit. This program is available in 461 locations all over the United States – from California to New York and Iowa to Florida. These programs aren’t in the hospital. They are in the neighborhoods where people live and work and raise their families. This program doesn’t leave the survivor to recover on their own. This is a team effort and takes place among others that truly know what you have faced, because they have faced it too. There is a reason why this program changes lives. It fosters community, empowers survivors, and gives them the tools they need to get back to living.

Every day I see news stories across the country about the impact the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA programs have made. This week alone we have seen announcements from Watertown, NY to Rapid City, SD. In the coming days, we will be highlighting individuals that have participated in the program. We encourage you to read their stories of recovery. We ask all LIVESTRONG at the YMCA participants past and present to share your stories too. We want to meet you and we want you to know that all of us here at the Foundation are dedicated to making this program available to even more survivors around the country for years to come.

Greg Lee