Impact Investing With Native Entrepreneurs in the Indigenous Economy

Impact Investing With Native Entrepreneurs in the Indigenous Economy

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Impact Investing with Native Entrepreneurs in the Indigenous Economy - from First Peoples Worldwide to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe -- || #sustainability #impinv #esg #Indigenous #firstnations #xypn

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Georgiana Pongyesva and her brother Jack have started Rezcycling

Rocky Ridge Market on the Navajo Nation in Arizona

Georgiana Pongyesva of Rezcycling in Arizona


March 1st Edition Overview: As I read through the articles for this March 1st edition by so many esteemed contributors, I am struck by the progress that we have made together in this field. Our work has led us all to consider individually and collectively the frameworks and practices necessary to implement a just transition with and for Indigenous Peoples. - Carla Fredericks, Guest Editor

Monday, March 9, 2020 - 10:05am

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The new March 1st issue and Podcast on Impact Investing & Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous owned businesses directly benefiting Indigenous communities are a growing reality on the U.S. landscape. The idea of supporting local small businesses to profit marginalized communities is a powerful one and critical to native communities that have been systematically exploited and shut out of opportunities on their own lands. As much as 70 percent of every dollar spent in Native communities leaves those communities. 

Writers in this March 1st issue include: Chris James of NCAIED assists American Indian Tribes and their enterprises with business and economic development.  Jessica Stago of Change Labs on Navajo Nation is helping tribal small business owners restore economic opportunity and infuse capital locally.  Financial professional Jan Bryan, CFP interviews Jason Campbell who exemplifies the Native entrepreneurial spirit and self-determination with the Spokane Tribal projects he is spearheading.  

Also Carla Fredericks of First Peoples Worldwide on Partnering with Indigenous Peoples to Ensure a Just Transition and Keith Doxtator of the Oneida Nation on how they are Refining their Sustainable Impact Investing Practices 

See our Resources page for Native American entrepreneurial programs, new creative economy maker-space and incubator in New Mexico, and MIT’s SOLVE fellowship program. 

We have a special “GreenMoney Talks” Podcast for this issue. Carla Fredericks of First Peoples Worldwide is speaking with Dave Archambault II, the former Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. In 2016, he emerged as a global leader for Indigenous Peoples’ rights as he led the opposition to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

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