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Impact This!

5 Things to Think About to Increase the Impact of Your Social Good Programs
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Benevity Blog: 5 Things to Think About to Increase the Impact of Your Social Good Programs

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As another giving season kicks off, it’s time to rethink the what, where, why and how of your workplace giving program (and even the when!).  Just as corporate social good programs are now a must-do rather than a nice-to-do, “just doing good is not good enough” (we borrowed that quote from our consultant friend Jocelyne Daw).  It follows that nothing much will flow from just having a workplace giving program like you’ve always had; you need one that gets your people thinking and saying WE ROCK!  Employee giving programs – like all community investment initiatives – need to demonstrate true social and business impacts, and need to evolve with societal, corporate and other trends. 

So here are some ideas to make your programs (even more) engaging come this Fall:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 11:05am

Now is a good time to consider:

1.     “What” your company’s workplace giving program is all about: what is it that your company wants to do, collectively with its employees, contractors, retirees, suppliers, etc., to make your mark on the world?  What does your organization care about?  What do your employees care about (and how can we meld these two for the broader betterment of the program and its impacts)? What does success look like in terms of your employee giving and volunteering program, and what are the relevant metrics (beyond the obvious) that will move you there? What policies, processes and practices (perhaps derived from legacy programs) are impediments to achieving the What? Answering these and related questions can help to plan to realize impact.

2.      “Where” should your company target for impact? Given the resources, locations, talents, tools and objectives, where can your organization make the most impact?  Although most of you have cause focus areas that fit best for your company – and if you don’t, you should – how can you empower broad participation among your target stakeholder group while still creating emphasis on and bias toward these causes/pillars? Which specific problems in the cause focus areas can your company help move the needle on? Which charitable organizations can best benefit from your organization’s support to help address these challenges, and what value can they bring to your program to aid in your broader goals?  Thinking about these questions can help focus on where you can target your attention, resources and program design.

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Make your Fall campaign just one of a multi-pronged approach to achieving your program goals!