How Technology Empowers Women Around The World

How Technology Empowers Women Around The World

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Monday, November 28, 2016 - 11:00am

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Global Risk Insights sat down with Allison Kahn, Director of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentoring Women in Business Programme, to discuss the interplay between female empowerment, mentoring and technology.

“There is one crucial factor that affects whether we can sign up a prospective mentee – and that’s internet and mobile connectivity.”

GRI: Do you find it easier to find women to sign up to mentoring programmes in some countries over others? Why so? Is there a link between the readiness for women to sign up for this mentoring programme and the political systems they live in?

Kahn: We receive extraordinary interest in our Mentoring Programme from women all over the world. I started working on the programme in 2012 and at that time we had just 100 mentees from six countries.

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