How Millennials Have Created A Shift In Employee Attitudes Is Changing The Way We Do Business

How Millennials Have Created A Shift In Employee Attitudes Is Changing The Way We Do Business

by Dimitar Vlahov
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Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 12:30pm


Co-author: Jess Handley 

As companies and other organizations continue to become more globally connected and complex in structure, the landscape is changing for employee- employer relationships. There is a noticeable seismic shift with new expectations around leadership, culture, and engagement being at its core. Influencing this shift in attitudes are millennials, who, with rapid access to virtually infinite amounts of information are driving the era of transparency, and demanding more from their companies than a paycheck and benefits.

Despite coming into the workforce in a time where the economy resembles that of The Great Depression, millennials are more optimistic than previous generations about the state of the world and how things can change for the better; a belief that has manifested in the way this group views prospective employment. According to a 2015 report by UK based company Global Tolerance, 84% of millennials consider it their duty to make a change in their lifestyle, while half of millennials would choose purposeful work over a higher salary. This in turn has created a number of opportunities and challenges for companies, particularly when it comes to hiring strategies and offerings in order to attract the best talent.

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