The Green Supply Chain Vendor

The Green Supply Chain Vendor

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Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 12:05pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) May 6, 2010 - Did you know that there is only one company has 375 Certified Green Consultants™ throughout the United States and Canada with the singular task of assisting businesses of all sizes to upgrade their operation to earn a GBL Green Business Certification? They plan to have 1000 Certified Green Consultants™ very soon.

Green Business League is provides guidance, validation and certification that proves the credibility of a company willing to make honest changes in the operation of the business. They do not endorse or promote products/services, but they love "Green Solutions" that have obvious benefits to the clients who are their first priority.

As a Green Supply Chain Vendor, you are subject to two phases of entrance.

1. The Green Business League will review your product or service to be assured that there is an obvious and predominant Green value to customers who might use your product or service.

2. Your firm will undergo the same GBL Green Business Certification process as those already in the program and earn a minimum of a silver level (100 points)

If your product or service passes these requirments and become a GBL Green Supply Chain Vendor and assign a point value to your products or services. The GBL Certified Green Consultants™ will be given an introductory webinar or online training session on what your firm offers. Placement of your product or service is not guaranteed. Green Supply Chain Vendors will have "access and visibility" within the GBL system. This is where the impact of hundreds of Certified Green Consultants and thousands of Green business has an impact.

The motto of the Green Business League is "Be Green, Buy Green, Hire Green." They have always intended to build a national and local Green Business Network that would encourage the growth of the Green business community. Your entry as a Green Supply Chain Vendor is a commitment and to make Green happen in your community and in our world. GBL hopes to bring together Green businesses in a productive manner that facilitates Green Practices in businesses of all sizes.

As a "Green Solution," GBL wants your product or service to be widely received and to be an aid (not a salesman for) your company. They subscribe to the Triple Bottom Line concept of: Planet, People, and Profits. If all three factors are well served, the world will be a far better place for everyone. Green Business League's core belief that "Green Solutions" should be given preferential treatment parallels the EPA's "Environmentally Preferred Purchasing" program. They also believe that encouraging the needs of Green Business with the offerings of Green Vendors is a smart approach to making Green Practices available to business.

The Green Supply Chain Vendor program is excellent and is offered by the Green Business League, Inc. This program will include both the ability to participate as a Green Supply Chain Vendor with access to Certified Green Consultants and GBL Green businesses, and the opportunity to become a GBL Green Certified Business.

The GSC Vendor will provide written or video training that will be passed to GBL Certified Green Consultants. GBL will assign the Green Point value that will be assigned to the proposed Green products or services, GSC Vendors will be invited to participate in presentation opportunities for individual or group events with GBL member businesses. To sign up or gain more information visit the Green Business League website for the Green Supply Chain Vendor.