Global Pro Bono and the "Human Touch"

Global Pro Bono and the "Human Touch"

Five skills necessary to survive in the 4th industrial revolution

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While 38% of companies say it’s difficult to train in-demand technical skills, 43% find it harder to teach soft skills such as analytical thinking and #communication. #GlobalProBono #CSR @PYXERAGlobal
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 10:05am

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It’s fair to say that a majority of jobs in industrialized economies today require some proficiency in Microsoft Office and other elementary computer skills. However, don’t be surprised when the next job description you see includes creativity or high emotional intelligence leading the list of required skills.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold of global business and advances such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and biotechnology become the norm, where does humanity fit in? In a world that is seemingly becoming too intelligent for us, the human touch remains valuable and necessary to counterbalance the rising tide of technological change.

The skills to succeed in the workplace and remain relevant will look vastly different in the future. People working in IT need strong technical skills and knowledge of technological installation and maintenance, yet in the coming years, they will also be expected to have “human skills” such as critical thinking, problem solving, and adaptability to stay employable for the long-term.

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