Giving in Canada - Filling the Gaps

Giving in Canada - Filling the Gaps

TD Economics Special Report
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#TDEconomics report looks at the state of #volunteering & charitable giving in #CAD @TD_Canada
Monday, March 30, 2015 - 1:10pm

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In this special report, TD Economics examines the state of volunteering and charity in Canada.

The highlights are: 

  • In 2013, Canadians continued to give generously to charity, with donations reaching nearly $13 bil¬lion, keeping pace with economic activity.
  • However, a smaller share of Canadians volunteered in 2013 than in the past, and those that did volunteer gave slightly less time than in the past. 
  • Charitable giving and volunteering remain a significant part of the economy, with a combined value of $53.4 billion (3% of GDP) - similar in size to the utilities sector. 
  • Population aging could create challenges for charitable organizations, particularly those that rely heavily on volunteers, or on donations via payrolls. Finding new ways to engage the older and retired populations in volunteerism and giving will help address this challenge.

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