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Getting More from Less

The benefits of sustainable packaging in a cost constrained world
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Elisabeth Comere from @tetrapak_uscan discusses how #sustainable #packaging can translate into cost savings:

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Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 11:30am


by Elisabeth Comere, director environment & government affairs for the U.S. and Canada

During challenging economic times with ever-increasing pressure to turn big profits, it is reasonable for companies to look for cost cutting opportunities and eliminate non-essential investments. Investments in sustainable packaging, however, shouldn’t be among the items on the chopping block. More and more companies are realizing that achieving sustainable packaging objectives can translate into cost savings while increasing brand equity and driving greater sales and associated profits.

Efforts to make packaging more sustainable are wide-ranging. Making packages lighter or reusable, opting for shelf-stable packaging, and using materials that are renewable, biodegradable, compostable or recyclable are just some of the ways companies are reducing the environmental impact of their packaging choices. A primary motivation behind these efforts is reducing costs.

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This blog originally appeared on CSRwire Talkback.


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