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GOOD WORKS! - BoomBoom! Cards

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By Susan Ditz   
Good Works! -- where passion intersects with business and brings goodness to the world. An ongoing series of interviews with social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and visionaries sharing ideas and insights to inspire and inform.

Friday, April 16, 2010 - 9:00am


Boom Boom! Revolution is a Santa Cruz, CA social change company co-founded by CEO Mary Beth Campbell and chief designer Helene Scott.

What’s the focus of Boom Boom Revolution?
“We are on an audacious mission to transform the world, one intentional act of kindness at a time. To do that we’re creating fun, engaging products that build community, improve humanity, as well as champion the belief that doing good is not only cool, it’s the thing to do.  Boom Boom became more than an expression. It has become an attitude. A way of life. Could there be a whole culture of Boom Boom? Could we incite a global revolution of kindness powered by Boom Boom? ”

Can you provide an overview of your vision for Boom Boom! Revolution?
“We want to build a socially responsible consumer goods company that focuses on creating products that improve the world and make it nicer…ones that give people the opportunity to contribute to the world in a positive way.”

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