GM’s Metal Center Shines in Environmental Performance

GM’s Metal Center Shines in Environmental Performance

Entire facility works diligently to earn recognition from Indiana Department of Environmental Management.
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Monday, August 4, 2014 - 11:30am

CAMPAIGN: GM Waste Reduction


Our Marion Metal Center in Indiana, which produces stampings and sheet metal assembly for our vehicles, embodies GM’s global sustainability commitment. The teams work hard every day to lessen their environmental footprint and reduce waste, water and energy use.

People are taking notice. Most recently the facility became a member of the Indiana Environmental Stewardship Program, a voluntary, leadership initiative for businesses in the state that perform beyond environmental regulations. The program focuses on innovation and efficient resource allocation that will improve the environment.

Take for example the facility’s landfill-free status. Nothing from its daily operations is sent to a landfill. When it’s not recycling or reusing, it’s trying to eliminate the waste altogether. In the past decade, the teams reduced more than a quarter of its nonmetallic waste.

Similar gains are being made in the areas of water conservation. Its high-quality treatment of waste water eliminated the need for a formal waste water permit and it slashed water use by 61 percent per unit produced in the past eight years.

The facility achieved ISO14001 certification and uses an environmental management system to help it continually conserve energy, water and waste. Since 2006, it has cut its energy use per unit in half.

All of the facility’s employees, regardless of their role, are engaged in these efforts, contributing to a growing awareness of the positive impact of sustainable manufacturing practices.

“Our employees pride themselves on providing outstanding metal for GM vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner,” said Matthew Emery, environmental engineer at Marion Metal Center.

In recognition of the accomplishment, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management presented an ESP flag to the Marion Metal center. A ceremonial flag-raising was held in front of the center with the plant’s environmental team, staff and UAW representatives.