The Future of Business is About Being Regenerative

The Future of Business is About Being Regenerative

By Giles Hutchins
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Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 12:30pm


In the conference halls, corporate boardrooms and corridors of power that I walk, I sense winds of change.  There is a metamorphic shift unfolding in terms of how we view our organisations – in terms of ‘how’ they operate and in terms of ‘why’ they operation.

There is a dawning realisation that our organisations are actually living systems rather than machines. That these living systems are intimately entwined with the living systems of society and our more-than-human world. And for these organisational living systems to thrive in times of increasing uncertainty and volatility, they need to learn to become regenerative.

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Visionary speaker, writer and adviser Giles Hutchins explores the cause of our current crises and then activates the logic required for change agents to reach beyond conventional sustainable business approaches. Formerly Global Head of Sustainability for an 80,000 employee IT service-provider, author of the books The Nature of Business and The Illusion of Separation and adviser to a variety of pioneering educational establishments, Giles explores a new business paradigm inspired by and in harmony with Nature.  Giles blogs at Here is a short video about his work and a podcast series