The Food Industry’s Fight to Feed the World Should Start with Post-Harvest Loss

The Food Industry’s Fight to Feed the World Should Start with Post-Harvest Loss

There Is Enough Food to Feed the World – Why Produce More?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 8:35am

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Do you remember the last time you were hungry? Truly hungry. Maybe you’re like me and most of the time food is an alluring vice. It’s a great source of comfort and a relief from the humdrum, a celebration of all that’s good. A good meal is something that can make even the most challenging of days fade into your mind’s backwaters, but the next visit to the doctor’s office shows unwelcome contributions to the bottom (or waist) line.

Maybe you get “hangry” late in the afternoon on a day when lunch doesn’t materialize. You lose concentration, resulting in your offending colleagues or family members, and reduced productivity. Imagine a day like that ending not with leftover take-away, but instead with a sleepless night spent comforting crying, hungry children.

My work is focused on finding ways for people to earn money with meaningful work and for small companies to win business from large multinational ones. I don’t often associate my performance metrics with people’s caloric intake. But as I’ve come to understand the complexities of post-harvest loss—the devastating effect of food lost after harvest—I’ve realized that addressing this challenge is also one of the greatest opportunities facing the food industry worldwide.

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