Find Out What Janitorial Services Are Booming In 2010

Find Out What Janitorial Services Are Booming In 2010

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 1:00pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) April 21, 2010 - Did you know that most cleaning company’s new customers in 2010 are looking for janitorial firms that are Green Clean Certified when it comes to bids and contracts?  LEED companies are only accepting Request for Proposals (RFPs) from janitorial firms that have the credentials to help them with their LEED building certifications.  This is where The Green Clean Institute can add value to your business.  But first let me tell you more about The Green Clean Institute.

First, the Green Clean Institute is a federally trademark company that works extensively with the government. They have trained more than 1500 janitorial firms and people and we have more than 300 Certified Green Consultants nationwide.  Their mailing list consists of more than 10,000 highly targeted buyers.

Secondly, the Green Clean Institute website gets hundreds of visits each day, and thousands a week.  There website is a PR4 website that shows up as Page One on Google for searches like "Green Clean," "Green Cleaning," "Green Janitorial," and many more.   The website is only getting greater all the time.  Just do some Google searches to prove what I am saying is so.  You will be impressed.

The Green Clean Institute is a nationally recognized firm.  They are an "Education Only" program that exists to train, certify, and promote your janitorial or cleaning business.  When a potential customer of yours wants to "Check you out," they can call our company or look on our website to find that you are a bona fide Green Clean certified company.  We provide education and accreditation for thousands of companies nationwide.  Their Green Clean Certification meets the requirements for all LEED programs.
Many GCI certified firms report successful LEED contracts because of their Green Clean Institute certification.  More and more corporations are including the Green Clause in their RFPs, mandating that all bids must come from Green certified firms.  Why wait until you lose one job after another until you decide to make your company an authentically Green service?  You already have the green products and services in place.  Why would you not want to add a Green Clean Certification to your portfolio as well?

In fact, they certified a janitorial firm in Evansville, MO that just won three LEED contracts in one month because they were Green Clean Institute Certified.  That is why they can honestly say that The Green Clean Institute offers the best Green Janitorial Certification in the country.

If you would like more information on how you or your company can become Green Clean Certified, you can e-mail Aaron James at We are here to help your business succeed.  Find them on-line at