A Father's Badge of Honor

A Father's Badge of Honor

After Saving a Coworker’s Life During a Job-Related Accident, Gerardo Lost His Arm But Found His Purpose

“Being able to help others makes me happy,” says Gerardo. “One does not need to be rich to do that.” ©2015 Children International

A missing arm doesn’t slow down Gerardo, seen here assisting with the distribution of emergency relief supplies in Manila after a typhoon struck the island nation. ©2015 Children International

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"Being able to help others makes me happy. One does not need to be rich to do that." - Gerardo, @Children_Intl story http://bit.ly/1FXCxSB
Sunday, June 21, 2015 - 4:00am

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A Badge of Honor

By Deron Denton

About 20 years ago, Gerardo – now in his 40s – worked for a printing company in the Philippines. He operated a machine that rolled paper into large spools. Gerardo was happily doing his job one day when he saw his coworker slip. In an instant, the man would be pulled into the rolling mechanism. Gerardo pushed the man aside, likely saving his life. But, in doing so, the machine seized Gerardo’s hand, pulverizing it.

Gerardo survived, but he lost his right arm just above the elbow.

Before you feel sorry for him, though, you should know this: Gerardo thinks of his missing arm as a trophy. After all, he saved someone from death. And instead of slowing him down, this challenge has enhanced the quality of his life.

Read more about how Gerardo serves as a role model and inspiration to his family and his community, and how he has continued helping others as a volunteer with Children International.


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