Excellent Sponsorships for Green Products and Green Companies

Excellent Sponsorships for Green Products and Green Companies

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Monday, March 15, 2010 - 10:00am

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) March 15, 2010 - Every day hundreds of janitorial services visit the Green Clean Institute.  More than 1500 individuals and firm have taken their training form GCI.  Many of them have asked where we can find the best Green product.  So many people have asked us to provide links to good Green products that we have decided to provide a directory of Green products for our growing audience.  If your company has a Green product to offer, GCI will consider including your products for this directory.  This opens the door to hundreds and thousands of highly-targeted visitors to see your Green product on this carefully-reviewed website. 

Having your product and company on this directory will add great value to your business.  The Green Clean Institute website has a PR4 rating and ranks high for many important keywords, like "Green Clean," Green Janitorial," and "Janitorial certification."  The Green Clean offers several free training courses to the visitors of this directory as extra incentive, to encourage visitor interest.

Targeted visitors means that those visiting this website are already interested in what is offered.  Green products are still a bit of a mystery to many, but the Green Clean Institute is careful to allow only highly-respected Green products to show on this directory. 

It should be noted that every advertising spot is for a full year rather than a one-shot exposure.  The constant flow of visitors can easily explore the directory, but this is also a highly optimized website making each page searchable and easily found by a keyword search.

Any concern for costs is easily dismissed.  Banner prices are available, but all regular ads are a simple $24/yr.  No prices are mentioned, but every ad has a hotlink to the designated webpage for the product.  Remember that Green Clean Institute does not sell or resell products. They work very hard to keep this website as a highly rated website with plenty of traffic.  GCI will also send out notices to all of our 1500 janitorial services about this page and recommendations.  To get listed on this directory, simply fill out the form and provide the necessary artwork.  Multiple products are all the same price for a listing.  Note also that links from our Page One Google site is a very good SEO boost for your website as well.

Not every product will make it into this directory.  All products are subject to a review of the Green merits of the offering.  If the product has value for a Green home or business, the advertising is accepted.  If not, the advertising and fee is returned.   

People and firms everywhere are looking for reliably Green products.  This reference site is an affordable and exciting place to list your products.  Monthly, the Green Clean Institute promotes the items shown on this listing to its opt-in listing of more than 5000 readers.  Thousands of janitorial services visit this GCI Directory website to learn how to improve their Green operation.  For $24 a year, it is hard to imagine that this price will stay at these low rates for very long.  Your business can advertise anywhere, but rarely will you find such a responsive market as is offered by this GCI Directory website. To sign up to put the your product on the GCI Directory visit the GCI directory sign up page.