Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 9:30am

CAMPAIGN: Pink Doing Green


This year Pink Doing Green went BLUE.  Around the globe, Mary Kay locations were challenged to use less water.  After all, water is one of our most precious natural resources.  In true Mary Kay “Go Give!” style, we reduced our year-to-date water use not by 5 percent, not by 10 percent, but by 16 percent* worldwide.  

Think of it this way. That 16-percent reduction represents more than 28 million liters of water saved.  That is enough water to fill a fairly large pond (or very small lake).

How did we save so much water?  By being water smart.  Our slogan is Every Drop Counts.  Everyone was encouraged to re-think how they use water.  We looked for ways that water was being wasted – and then made changes.  This is something we can all do at work or at home.  Start noticing when water is running.  Fix leaky plumbing.  Re-think how you use water.

For example, at home, our morning showers were getting longer and longer and longer.  It is easy to fall into water wasting habits.  And it’s even easier to procrastinate in a warm shower on a chilly morning.  So, my family took notice – and made a change.  We are back in the habit of quick showers.  And we are not as rushed in the morning.  Because when you are trying to get 3 easily distracted children ready, every minute counts.  Just like every drop counts!

Share with us some of the ways you're saving water!


Today’s post is from Dr. Cristi Gomez. Cristi is a wife and mother of three active boys. Cristi heads Mary Kay’s Pink Doing Green® committee, which is a group of employees dedicated to increasing Mary Kay’s commitment to sustainability. For more information on Pink Doing Green®, click here.


*Compared to 2012 baseline (L/m2)

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