Empower Women, Change the World

Empower Women, Change the World

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Empower Women, Change the World. @PYXERAGlobal addresses #GlobalGoals 5 at #SDGforum. #equality http://3bl.me/scnbqk
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 10:35am

CAMPAIGN: Global Engagement Forum

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What do Beyonce and Michelle Obama have in common?

A burning desire to empower women and change the world!

On Friday, September 25, 193 world leaders joined in endorsing the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), also known as the #GlobalGoals. Including goal number five: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. On Saturday, September 26, celebrities, world leaders, and 60,000 people attended the @GlobalCitizen festival in New York to cheer the occasion. 


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On November 10-12 in Washington DC, more than 200 leaders and innovators from the public, private, and social sectors will converge at The Global Engagement Forum, to examine how collaboration, partnership, and commitment can advance the #SDGs over the next 15 years.

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Gender equality will be a critical part of progress toward the SDGs. On November 10, Sue Norton, VP of Global Citizen @PepsiCo gives a keynote address about the company’s commitment to performance with purpose, and empowering women through business. On November 11, Sheryl WuDunn provides the closing keynote address, drawing on themes from her recent book, A Path Appears. On November 11, a roundtable discussion on human rights—among them, gender equity—will be a dynamic part of the day’s events. Alyse Nelson @Vital Voices champions this important issue.

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This week, New Global Citizen @BeNewGlobal promotes the power of education to change the life of one girl in Cambodia, who seeks to change her country’s future. Read the story: http://bit.ly/1MNKijm

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