#Education + #Innovation = #Changemakers

#Education + #Innovation = #Changemakers

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#Education + #Innovation = #Changemakers. @PYXERAGlobal talks about #GlboalGoals 4 at #SDGforum http://3bl.me/296s2n
Friday, November 6, 2015 - 10:45am

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What does it really take to change education in the US and around the world? It’s part innovation & part replication. In just 3 weeks, you’ll hear from Intel and EY at #SDGforum how they are shaking up education to create the next generation workforce.  Here are 5 tweets for you, as a VHC member, to spread the word!

Intel has a bold goal. Tweet Me: .@IntelInvolved: Extending Computing Technology to Every Person on Earth http://bit.ly/1PAASLF #SDGforum @BeNewGlobal
Intel wants to create and extend computing technology to connect every person on Earth. The company’s shared value approach is equally bold. It places pro bono volunteers in remote regions where Intel products are used to ensure all teachers can put new technology to good use.

Enough innovation, more replication. Tweet Me: #SDGforum A Call to Disrupt Current Thinking on #GlobalEducation by @deirdrewhite @devex http://bit.ly/1kqAnHc hhtp://bit.ly/SDGForum

PYXERA Global CEO, Deirdre White, has a different take on innovation. In “Enough innovation, more replication: A call to disrupt the current thinking on global education,” Deirdre calls for radical focus on repeating the things that do work.

Ignite education. Tweet Me: #SDGforum EY mentors = #changemakers “1100 students begin post-2ndary school” #betterworkingworld @justmeans http://bit.ly/1PGTJnp @EYNews

EY connects the dots between dreams of higher education, underserved communities, and economic growth – mentoring. Read more in Deborah Holmes’ article “Mentoring Benefits Youth and Businesses Alike.”

Have you heard about P-Tech? Tweet Me: [VIDEO] @IBMSocialBiz @IBM @PathwaysInTech students are redefining their future #SDGforum #ibmedu http://bit.ly/1hTsiZz
Check out & share this TED@IBM video on Forum sponsor, IBM’s tri-sector partnership with NYC school system. P-TECH is training the diverse and skilled talent needed for 21st century jobs.


#TECH innovation + #GlobalGoals: Tweet Me: #SDGforum #Tech + #SDGs = #CatalyticChange Check out #SDGs playbook http://intel.ly/1W4K9dF c/o @unfoundation @IntelInvolved @NetHope_org

Intel, UN Foundation, & NetHope teamed up to help you and thousands of others harness the power of technology to approach the Global Goals by 2030.  Check out their new ICT playbook for the Global Goals here.

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