Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize

Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize

Think outside the lines. What’s your education innovation?

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What happens when you mix social innovation, a prize sponsored by Deloitte, and a powerful ecosystem? An exciting approach to help more students take the right steps to succeed. The Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize is designed to help scale the next cutting edge approach in education.

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 5:10pm

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November 13, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize has officially launched - Apply now!

Thank you for your interest in the Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize. Our Round 1 application is now live and will close at 5:00 PM EST on December 15, 2014. 

Prize overview

Recognizing innovation in education: The Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize seeks to recognize a 501(c)(3) organization or a for profit organization with a social mission that has a proven approach that leverages technology innovatively to achieve key outcomes in education.

Desired target group: Growth stage organizations that are looking to scale their approach. Participants must directly or indirectly serve children and youth along the K-12 continuum, including those that are underserved.

Intended education outcomes: Through the Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize, Deloitte is looking for organizations that will help drive the key education outcomes associated with student success, such as reading / math proficiency, on-time graduation rates and college readiness.

Award details: Deloitte will award 100,000 USD in cash, the opportunity to receive 100,000 USD of pro bono services to help the organization scale, and access to Deloitte’s extensive network.

About Deloitte RightStep™: A classroom full of children or young adults is never just that – at Deloitte, we see a room full of CEOs, CFOs, doctors, public servants, and teachers to name a few. But we’re doing more than seeing their potential. We’re taking steps to help them achieve success. Through our RightStep™ programs, Deloitte is helping these children unleash their full potential by building confidence, inspiring leadership, fostering trust and taking the right steps to build brighter futures.

RightStep™ is part of Deloitte’s larger commitment to Corporate Citizenship. Deloitte’s Corporate Citizenship programs range from pro bono services and skills-based volunteering to nonprofit board membership, service sabbaticals, and a range of community involvement activities. Deloitte promotes a stronger economy and society by serving the public interest, building a culture of purpose, and inspiring leadership in others – within and outside Deloitte.

Submit your Round 1 application online

Please review the eligibility criteria (below) and Official Rules prior to beginning the Round 1 application. If any of these criteria do not apply to your organization, we discourage you from taking the time to submit an application as we will not be able to consider your organization for this prize.

Please note, in addition to completing the Round 1 online application form, you will also be required to upload supplementary information in Round 1, including audited financial information, a CEO bio, and a list of board members with their professional affiliations, along with any currently open board positions.

To learn more about the process to select the winning organization, please review our quick facts and FAQs.

Questions? Contact our Righstep Innovation Prize team.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for the prize, organizations must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Either a registered 501(c)(3) entity or a for profit with a social mission. For profit organizations must be focused on creating or enhancing social impact (please refer to the “FAQs” portion of the Quick facts and FAQs document for additional details)
  • Not a publicly funded school / school district or other U.S. government organization
  • Operate primarily within the United States
  • Directly or indirectly serve children and youth along the K-12 continuum, including those that are underserved
  • Have a proven solution that leverages technology (please refer to the “FAQs” portion of the Quick facts and FAQs document for additional details)
  • Provide services in at least one U.S. city, with plans to scale (e.g., new locations and/or additional beneficiaries served) their proven approach in the near future
  • Current annual expense budget of at least 500,000 USD
  • Led by a full-time CEO or equivalent role
  • Does not receive 50% or more of revenues from one philanthropic donor or investor
  • No current or planned cash and / or pro bono support from Deloitte in Fiscal Year 2015 (June 2014 – May 2015)

Application deadline

The submission deadline for the Deloitte RightStep™ Innovation Prize is December 15, 2014. The application and all supporting materials are due at 5:00 P.M. EST on the deadline date.

Deloitte pro bono programming

The guiding principle of Deloitte’s pro bono program is to treat our pro bono clients exactly the same way we treat our paid clients.

When our clients hire us, they seek and expect the full depth and breadth of the capabilities that Deloitte has to offer. We realized that it should be the same with our pro bono clients. Why? Because, while each pro bono project is championed by someone at Deloitte who is passionate about the cause, the resources available to deliver the work extend far beyond that individual and their capabilities. For us, this means leveraging our existing client service model to staff, fund, monitor, and evaluate pro bono projects.

“Deloitte’s transformative collaboration with City Year including intellectual capital, volunteer leadership and financial resources has propelled City Year to develop and execute effective strategies in support of keeping students on track to success.”

- Jim Balfanz, President, City Year

Over the past six years, we have delivered more than 1,200 pro bono projects through the contributions of more than 5,000 professionals, clocking more than 400,000 client service hours.
Deloitte’s pro bono projects consistently receive high ratings for impact – from both our clients and our people:

  • 83% of Deloitte’s pro bono clients report “significant” or “transformational” capacity gains – meaning the nonprofit realized a greater than 20% improvement in productivity as a direct result of the project.
  • Our people love pro bono, too! 93% said their pro bono experience made a positive impact on their job satisfaction and 84% reported significant gains in job-relevant skills.

“Deloitte’s pro bono work for College Summit didn’t just allow us to focus on our programs – it turbocharged the impact of those programs. Now high school teachers, principals and district superintendents are able to follow the progress of low-income students on their path to college – and intervene immediately wherever help is needed."

- Keith Frome, CEO-Elect, College Summit