Data Drives Decisions in 21st-Century Manufacturing

Data Drives Decisions in 21st-Century Manufacturing

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Learn how @DomtarEveryday uses innovative #data analysis technology to monitor how #efficient their #manufacturing is across their network of pulp and paper mills:
Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 9:05am

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In 21st-century manufacturing, data is king. Data analysis is often a key factor in helping business leaders make informed decisions that drive business strategy, performance and innovation. Today, Domtar uses a plant analysis and visualization tool called PARCview to monitor up-to-the-minute manufacturing data across our network of pulp and paper mills.

“A lot of companies in the pulp-and-paper industry use PARCview to monitor their machines,” says Jason Miller, Domtar continuous improvement specialist. “But we’ve taken it a step further. We are one of a few that actually use it for every mill in our entire network, which affords us the convenience of being able to understand what’s happening at any mill, on any machine, at any time.”

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