Daimler's Sustainable Management

Daimler's Sustainable Management

Our Strategic Approach

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Friday, May 19, 2017 - 8:00am

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As a globally operating automobile manufacturer, we face industry specific challenges whose associated opportunities need to be exploited and whose risks need to be minimized:

We are committed to legal and ethical standards and strive to ensure that they are observed within the Group worldwide as well as by our business partners and suppliers.

Road traffic contributes to the generation of CO₂ and pollutant emissions, which can endanger the health of pedestrians and people on the road. We therefore use our power of innovation to create environmentally friendly and safe vehicles that conserve resources to the greatest extent possible. We also develop sustainable mobility solutions and promote their profitable implementation.

Our operational processes, particularly in vehicle production, are also associated with environmental effects, which we keep as low as possible through a system of effective environmental management.

As an employer, we bear responsibility for providing fair and attractive working conditions for our 282,488 employees worldwide.

As a good corporate citizen, we want to contribute to the common good beyond the scope of our business operations and to make use of our special competencies as we do so.

To adequately meet all of these requirements, we have developed a Group-wide sustainability strategy, which is integrated into our corporate strategy and makes sustainability a fundamental principle at the implementation level. This strategy relates to six main areas in which we assume responsibility: product, production, employees, ethics, society, and business partners. In each of these areas, we focus on fields of action that both we and our stakeholders believe are of essential importance. We set targets, and define target indicators, for each field of action. Taken together, all of these targets form our medium- to long-term target program.

Controlling with a sustainability scorecard. We utilize a sustainability scorecard as an instrument for controlling the key sustainability targets. The scorecard uses a color-coded “traffic-light” system to signal needs for action and successes based on quantitative and qualitative indicators.

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