Creating Good Work: Applied Chutzpah

Creating Good Work: Applied Chutzpah

by Ron Schultz
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What drives us to do good work? Is it ego? Selflessness? Ron Schultz calls it Applied Chutzpah via @CSRwire #socent

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 12:30pm


Entrepreneurs of all stripes take chances. It’s part of the job description. When those chances have to do with creating good work - those efforts taken to be of benefit to others and the community - the leap across the abyss of economic uncertainty is no greater or worse. However, the consequences of failure somehow feel much worse. You’re not just letting yourself down, you’re letting down all those you had envisioned to serve.  

So, why are those of us involved in these more social efforts willing to take that leap if the downside is even greater than financial loss? The answer to that is probably as varied as the needs that compel entrepreneurs in the social sector to act in the first place. In essence, the real question is; what is the nature of compelling action? And then, what makes anyone think they can successfully initiate the relationships required to do good work?

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Ron Schultz is the founder and President of Entrepreneurs4Change, working with green and social innovators, veterans,  and marginalized communities providing entrepreneurial education, access to funding and capital, and ongoing nurturing and support for the businesses once they are operating.