Corporate Canada Invests $1 Billion in Community Each Year

Corporate Canada Invests $1 Billion in Community Each Year

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Corporate Canada Invests $1B in Community Each Year @ImagineCanada #LBGCanada #CIMatters
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 11:45am

CAMPAIGN: LBG Canada & Imagine Canada partnership

CONTENT: Press Release

TORONTO, ON., July 12, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Imagine Canada, a national advocate on behalf of a strong charitable sector, will release the inaugural Canadian Corporate Community Investment Report in the fall of 2017 to illustrate the impact of Canadian corporate investment that strengthens communities across the country. The report features Caring Companies that are achieving the 1% of pre-tax profit designation and the impact of the LBG Canada network of companies.

An analysis by Imagine Canada estimates that nearly $1 billion is invested by corporations that are Caring Companies and in the LBG Canada network, including the contributions from their employees and customers. This $1 billion valuation is based upon the LBG Model, the international standard for the measurement and management of community investment.

"The Corporate Community Investment Report will highlight the importance of ongoing corporate community investment in Canada and recognize the excellence and leadership of the Caring Company group," says Bruce MacDonald, President and CEO of Imagine Canada. "The results from the study will provide charities and Canadians with additional insights about the tremendous scope and innovation of Canadian companies and their commitment to communities."

"The LBG Canada group of companies has invested more than $4 billion in community since 2006, in partnership with key stakeholders. That contribution has had significant economic and social impact," says Stephanie Robertson, Founder and Facilitator of LBG Canada. "As the LBG Model is the internationally recognized standard for managing and measuring community investment activities, the LBG Canada group of companies looks forward to playing a major role in the release of this report and its ongoing development."

Companies interested in participating in the annual reporting are encouraged to learn more about becoming a Caring Company or a part of the LBG Canada network of companies. 

Partnership for stronger corporate community investment
In 2017, Imagine Canada and London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Canada joined forces to set the highest standard in corporate community investment. Imagine Canada's 1% Caring Company designation encourages companies to adopt a leadership role as investors of 1% of pre-tax profit into stronger communities. LBG Canada encourages companies to focus on strategy, measurement and reporting to demonstrate impact of community investment. Through the efforts of this partnership, participating companies will be recognized as leaders in their communities. 

About Imagine Canada
Imagine Canada is a national charitable organization whose cause is Canada's charities. Our three broad goals are to strengthen the sector's collective voice, create opportunities to connect and learn from each other, and build the sctor's capacity to succeed.

The Caring Company program is Canada's premier public expression of recognition in leadership and excellence in community investment. Caring Companies contribute a minimum of 1% of their pre-tax profits to the communities where their employees live and work.

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About LBG Canada
LBG Canada is a network of corporate community investment professionals from many of Canada's leading companies, who work together to apply, develop and enhance the use of the LBG Model and impact measurement framework in Canada.

Involvement in LBG Canada enables companies to maximize their contributions to communities through access to data and tools to maximize impact. LBG Canada involvement enhances reporting externally to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, GRI and the Imagine Canada 1% standard, and increases company ability to report on impact.

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Contact information
Stephanie Robertson

CEO & Founder
SiMPACT Strategy Group & LBG Canada

Devon Hurvid
Director, Social Enterprise
Imagine Canada