Core Issues: What Matters Most to Norfolk Southern

Core Issues: What Matters Most to Norfolk Southern

Improving operational efficiencies to better serve customers and reduce operating costs is a core part of Norfolk Southern’s corporate sustainability program. As one example, NS in late 2014 completed a $160 million project to double the capacity of its Moorman Yard in Bellevue, Ohio, a major rail car classification hub that generates economic and environmental benefits.

Reducing environmental impacts of business operations is central to Norfolk Southern’s corporate sustainability efforts. As one example, NS developed this low-emissions “Eco” locomotive for use in urban railroad yards, with funding assistance from the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program.

Conducting safe operations in our rail-served communities is key to Norfolk Southern’s corporate sustainability efforts. Every year, NS helps train several thousand first responders across our network in how to prepare for and respond to potential incidents involving rail transport of freight classified as hazardous.

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Since Norfolk Southern launched a corporate sustainability program in 2007, the key focus has been on reducing and mitigating the environmental impacts of railroad operations. The aim is to identify ways to be greener and more cost-efficient, illustrated by efforts to improve locomotive fuel efficiency: Consuming less fuel reduces costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The company’s investments in technologies, track, and rail facilities contribute to safer, more efficient rail operations, enabling us to reduce costs and environmental impacts, better serve customers, and create long-term shareholder value – all central to sustainability at Norfolk Southern.

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