Conflict Minerals Program: Build or Buy

Conflict Minerals Program: Build or Buy

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 4:50pm

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A conflict minerals legislation has been in the works for the European Union since 2014. There have been many updates since then, but there are still some fundamental differences that need to be worked out. The last update came in March, when we first learned about the Dutch Approach.

The timeline of events are a telling tale that legislation will pass. The timeline behind the legislation is highly correlated with the presidency in the EU council. The presidency is held by the Dutch, but will As the decision comes closer, companies must make the decision of building their own conflict minerals program, or outsource the development of their program.

The conflict minerals team at Source Intelligence has put together some resources to help companies become more familiar with EU conflict minerals, and how to develop a compliance program. To learn more about the pending legislation, click here. To learn more about reporting best practices and how to develop a strong compliance program, click here.