Conflict Minerals: Know Who Has Filed

Conflict Minerals: Know Who Has Filed

Weekly Conflict Minerals Filing Alerts
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Conflict Minerals: Know Who Has Filed. Weekly alerts.
Friday, March 20, 2015 - 1:20pm

CAMPAIGN: Conflict Minerals

CONTENT: Press Release

As the June 1st deadline to report conflict minerals filings to the SEC approaches, Form SDs are trickling in.

While it is expected the majority of filings will occur near the June 1st deadline, notable companies like Apple have jumpstarted the deadline and filed early. It will be interesting to see how many companies file this year as reporting year 2014 marks the last year publicly traded companies, subject to Dodd-Frank 1502, will be able file undeterminable on their conflict minerals reports.

Source Intelligence, a company that helps brands connect with their supply chain, is offering weekly conflict minerals filing alerts.

"We received unprecedented demand from multiple industries for resources, tools and technology to help them establish transparency and traceability in their supply chains," commented Lina Ramos, Chief Business Officer at Source Intelligence, "A variety of regular alerts topped the list and we are responding to our network community's needs".

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