The Choice to Conserve: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Prepares Students for a Diverse, Sustainable World

The Choice to Conserve: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Prepares Students for a Diverse, Sustainable World

Through the Chevrolet Clean Energy Campus Campaign, we are supporting 11 colleges going above and beyond to combat climate change.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:25am

CAMPAIGN: Chevrolet Carbon-Reduction Initiative


At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, we believe sustainability is important to our students, our university and our communities. That’s because the choices people make today to conserve our resources and make sustainable decisions will benefit our future quality of life.

The choice to conserve is up to all of us. UW-Stevens Point’s strategic plan, A Partnership for Thriving Communities, engages students and local communities by encouraging them to pursue balance, stability and future abundance.

We strive to lead by example. We purchase electric vehicles, use natural gas instead of coal at our heating plant, strive for carbon neutrality, consume solar energy and apply sustainable forestry practices at 13 university-owned properties.

It excites us that these efforts have led to a new partnership with Chevrolet. As part of a voluntary carbon-reduction initiative, the automaker is buying carbon offsets from a number of colleges, including UW-Stevens Point. These colleges have reduced their greenhouse-gas emissions above and beyond national averages and Chevrolet will permanently retire these carbon offsets to benefit the environment.

“Energy conservation and greenhouse-gas reduction are important aspects of our efforts to continually improve and minimize our impact on the environment,” UW-Stevens Point Sustainability Coordinator Dave Barbier said. “We are honored to partner with Chevrolet in this innovative program and to play a role in the emerging field of carbon markets.”

UW-Stevens Point will receive an estimated $30,000 to $35,000 for its carbon credits, which will be reinvested in additional energy-savings projects. Chevrolet’s investment is part of a broader commitment to prevent up to 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the air in a five-year period.

“Our mission includes dedication to sustainability and a commitment to prepare students for a diverse, sustainable world. This partnership amplifies our commitment to energy efficiency,” Chancellor Bernie Patterson said.

Thank you, Chevrolet, for partnering with us, which will help us further our environmental initiatives to help our students and communities be healthy, prosperous, vibrant and sustainable.

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