Carbon Conservation: A Natural Approach to Reducing Carbon

Carbon Conservation: A Natural Approach to Reducing Carbon

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.@nscorp's Trees and Trains program aims to reduce carbon emissions the natural way #sustainability
Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 11:30am

Norfolk Southern aims to reduce CO2 emissions by improving the fuel and energy efficiencies of locomotives and office facilities, the company’s two largest sources of greenhouse gases. However, as a corporate citizen, we have a broader strategy. “Trees and Trains” is the company’s model for investing in community conservation initiatives that mitigate carbon emissions the natural way.

The company launched Trees and Trains in 2011 by partnering with GreenTrees®, the nation’s leading reforestation program. The company also has partnered with The Longleaf Alliance and The American Chestnut Foundation. In 2013, Norfolk Southern assisted The Nature Conservancy on the largest-ever longleaf pine reforestation effort in Virginia.

These tree-planting efforts generate benefits related to all three pillars of corporate sustainability: environment, society, and economics. Over time, the trees will store millions of tons of carbon emissions, which is good for the planet. Residents will benefit from improved air and water quality as well as recreational opportunities and jobs. Norfolk Southern will be able to recoup our investment on some of these projects by selling carbon credits that will be earned as the trees we helped plant grow.

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