Norfolk Southern Corporation: Environmental Performance

Stewardship of resources is central to Norfolk Southern’s business strategy.

Norfolk Southern is committed to sustainable operating practices that reduce costs and environmental impacts. The company’s efforts to improve locomotive fuel economy and energy efficiency, for example, are linked to lowering locomotive diesel fuel and electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions.

With tracks that connect businesses, communities, and people across 22 states, Norfolk Southern has strong ties to the land. NS is committed to reducing and mitigating its impacts on the planet in an approach that connects conservation and capitalism, from support of reforestation in the Mississippi Delta to the preservation of rare longleaf pine habitat and wetlands in the southeastern U.S.


  • Named by CDP as an S&P 500 marketplace leader in carbon disclosure
  • Received innovation and sustainability awards for helping a customer convert freight from highway to rail, reducing its supply-chain carbon emissions and transportation costs 

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Public Partners From Atlanta to Chicago are Enthused About Norfolk Southern’s Emissions-Reduction Technology
Across Norfolk Southern’s operating territory – from Kansas City and Atlanta to Chicago and Ohio – representatives from state and federal environmental agencies support the railroad’s efforts to reduce locomotive emissions.


Norfolk Southern | Saving Energy and Costs

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Norfolk Southern's Russ McDaniel Awarded 2016 Professional Environmental Excellence Award
The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has awarded the 2016 Professional Environmental Excellence Award, which is the highest honor for environmental professionals in the railroad industry, to Russ McDaniel of Norfolk Southern.

Innovation & Technology

Speed Business, Reduce Environmental Impacts? NS Has a Mobile App for That
Norfolk Southern always is looking for innovative ways to improve customer service. In 2015, that drive led to the unveiling of ExpressNS, a name that describes exactly what it does. This mobile phone app – the first of its kind in the rail industry – helps speed the flow of truckers as they arrive at NS intermodal facilities to pick up or deliver customers’ trailers and containers.


A Plug-In Heater Helps Norfolk Southern Reduce Emissions and Save Fuel

Research, Reports & Publications

NS Adopts Technology to Promote Safe Driving, Save Fuel
As owner of some 6,000 trucks, SUVs, and cars used in field operations across a sprawling 22-state system, Norfolk Southern ranks as a Top 100 commercial fleet. In 2015, the company piloted a test using telematics technology to enhance driver safety. NS saw improvements across a range of driving performance metrics, including benefits beyond safety – such as better fuel economy.


Norfolk Southern Employee Spotlight: Protect the Planet, Earn a Profit
Josh Raglin, general manager facilities, has helped make Norfolk Southern a U.S. corporate leader in conservation capitalism, a business approach that turns conservation into opportunities for profit.

Research, Reports & Publications

Trees and Trains Add Up to Sustainable Business
In 2015, Norfolk Southern completed a five-year community partnership to reforest 10,000 acres in the Mississippi Delta, a “Trees and Trains” initiative to mitigate carbon emissions the natural way. Partnering with GreenTrees, a reforestation program, NS invested $5.6 million to plant more than 6 million cottonwood and native hardwood trees on land cleared for farming years ago but that had become marginally productive as cropland.

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    Stewardship of resources is central to Norfolk Southern’s business strategy.Norfolk Southern is committed to sustainable operating practices that...
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