Together, Creating Sustainable Value

Together, Creating Sustainable Value

Goldcorp’s objective is to generate sustainable prosperity through our business operations. We are committed to conducting our business responsibly at all times, which means respecting the safety and health of our employees, protecting the environment, respecting the human rights of our employees and the residents of the communities in which we operate, and contributing to sustainable development in those communities. Together, Creating Sustainable Value is Goldcorp's vision statement for everywhere we do business.

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An Old Industry Reinvented by Technological Upheaval
Until relatively recently, the mining industry has been slow to innovate. Now, virtually every area of mining is undergoing a technological upheaval. At the forefront of this transformation in mining are disruptive technologies – ground-breaking concepts that challenge traditional and accepted practices and are shaking up the industry. To highlight the company’s commitment to finding...
Dec 1, 2017 9:00 AM ET
Teamwork and Skill on Display: A Point of Pride
In 2016, we sponsored and participated in the tenth annual International Mines Rescue Competition in Sudbury, Ontario. The well-attended competition is a global event focused on improving mine rescue knowledge and safety practices, as well as providing an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their abilities and commitment to excellence in mine safety. There were 27 mine rescue teams,...
Nov 30, 2017 1:30 PM ET
Engaging Hearts and Minds in Our People – Safe Enough for Our Families
In our 2016 Sustainability Report, “Safe Enough for Our Families” is the phrase that captures one of our core values, guides our efforts and and supports the safety and health of our people at work, at home and in their communities. Working safely remains the top priority at Goldcorp –it is one of our core values...
Nov 14, 2017 11:10 AM ET
Cleaning up to Conserve Water at Peñasquito
Many of our operations are taking important steps forward to reduce or reuse water and help Goldcorp move Towards Zero Water. Water is an integral part of mineral processing, but is also necessary for the maintenance of vehicles, which need to be cleaned before they can be effectively serviced. At Peñasquito, the challenge of capturing and reusing water used in the washing and...
Nov 10, 2017 12:30 PM ET
Building Mining Leaders of Tomorrow
We believe in supporting programs that encourage youth to pursue careers in mining and to create long-term socio-economic benefits in the communities where we operate. This past summer, our Éléonore mine in Northern Québec welcomed several new faces to its workforce with its Summer Student Employment Program (SSEP). The SSEP was launched as an opportunity for Cree students at a...
Sep 1, 2017 8:50 AM ET