Making Apparel Better

Making Apparel Better

We remain committed to driving continuous and sustainable growth by leveraging our vertical integration, operational scale, global reach, investments in technology and sound management of our shareholders’ capital to deliver superior value to all of our stakeholders.

Our growing portfolio of brands provides the opportunity to deliver everyday family apparel to consumers globally, while never compromising on our belief that operating responsibly, taking care of our employees and integrating sustainable solutions into our business are key factors in our success and future growth.

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Transparency and Ownership: Key Components to Gildan's Ethical and Sustainable Practices
In today’s fashion and apparel industry, it is common for both brands and companies to outsource the production of their clothes to various third-party contractors. In fact, decentralized global supply chains are quite common in this industry. Gildan’s vision of Making Apparel Better® challenges the...
Jan 29, 2021 8:35 AM ET
How Gildan is Managing and Minimizing Supply Chain Disruption During COVID-19
Everyday, we use and consume goods that have been made in many parts of the world; like the food we eat, the objects we use, and the clothes we wear. The creation of these products involves many moving steps before they reach their final destination, and this all depends on functioning global supply chains. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread in early 2020, its impacts disrupted economies...
Sep 30, 2020 11:45 AM ET
Creating Stronger Communities: A Look at Gildan's 2019 Sustainability Highlights
Following the release of Gildan’s 2019 ESG report, the Company revisits some of the progress it has made towards its focus around Creating Stronger Communities, which serves as the final of three pillars behind its Genuine Responsibility® strategy. A large part of Gildan’s vision of Making Apparel Better® aims to create value that extends beyond the Company’s direct impacts by giving...
Aug 27, 2020 8:00 AM ET
Conserving the Environment: A Look at Gildan's 2019 Sustainability Highlights
With the announcement of Gildan’s 2019 ESG report, the Company looks back on the progress it has made towards its goal of Conserving the Environment – the second of three pillars that lay the foundation to its Genuine Responsibility® program. As one of the largest vertically-integrated apparel manufacturers in the world, Gildan takes its responsibility of conserving the environment...
Aug 25, 2020 8:00 AM ET
Caring for Our People: A Look at Gildan's 2019 Sustainability Highlights
Gildan recently announced the release of its 2019 ESG report, highlighting the progress made by the Company towards fulfilling their vision of Making Apparel Better®. An essential part of achieving this vision rests on Gildan’s Genuine Responsibility® program, which has been designed around three core pillars. Today, Gildan focuses on the first pillar, Caring for Our People, as the Company...
Aug 21, 2020 8:00 AM ET