IBM Problem Solving in Communities

IBM Problem Solving in Communities

Leveraging IBM's technology and expertise to help the world work smarter.

No single commercial or nonprofit entity or industry sector can solve the world's biggest challenges alone. It is only through essential partnerships that businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations are able to develop the perspectives they need to address the complexities of our changing world. Interrelated issues of environmental sustainability and resource management, global health and healthcare delivery, and education and economic development — to name a few — make “going it alone” ineffective in the pursuit of positive change. That is why IBM works with nations, cities and nonprofit organizations as a trusted partner. With global problem-solving expertise and the innovative technologies required to manage rapidly expanding volumes of data, IBM is uniquely positioned to help make the world a smarter place.

  • Inspired by the Peace Corps, IBM's Corporate Service Corps anchors our commitment to citizen diplomacy — deploying global teams of experts to work with governments and nonprofit organizations in emerging economies to solve their toughest problems.


  • By focusing the talents of 700 IBM experts to help 116 cities around the world since 2010, the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge employs a global problem-solving perspective to help cities and urban regions regroup, revitalize and become better places for people to live, work and visit.


  • Enhancing the capabilities of nonprofit and educational organizations to serve their constituencies with greater agility and effectiveness, IBM Impact Grants facilitate delivery of our global operational expertise and innovative cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security technologies in more than 70 countries.


Learn more in our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report. 

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