CBRE Environmental Sustainability

CBRE Environmental Sustainability

In response to ongoing global discussion about climate change and its impact on the natural environment, CBRE has committed to minimizing that impact for our company, clients and communities.

Buildings are widely viewed as a significant contributor to carbon emissions, and as the world’s largest manager of commercial buildings CBRE has both a responsibility and an opportunity to influence the way buildings are built, sourced, managed, occupied and sold.

This ability to drive sustainable real estate practices is a fundamental principal of our environmental leadership.

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Making Global Impact with Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure
The built environment and the natural environment are inextricably linked. Tenants looking to reduce their carbon footprints gravitate toward sustainable, LEED-certified buildings. In turn, more of these structures are built by developers and existing spaces are retrofitted to meet demand. But it’s not just buildings that are being created with the environment in mind...
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How Corporate Gardens Help Grow Employee Wellness
Your typical office job probably doesn’t involve much digging around in the dirt. But maybe it should. While corporate gardens are perhaps an unconventional office perk, the potential benefits are obvious enough—fresh air, exercise, team building and, of course, food (for company employees and their communities). In an article last year in...
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