CBSR Member, Loblaw Companies Ltd., Shares Long-Term CSR Position and Goals

CBSR Member, Loblaw Companies Ltd., Shares Long-Term CSR Position and Goals

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CBSR Member, Loblaw Companies Ltd., Shares Long-Term #CSR Position and #Sustainability Goals
Monday, May 14, 2012 - 5:00pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BL Media) May 14, 2012 - Last week, CBSR member Loblaw Companies Ltd. published their 2011 CSR report. The report provides a comprehensive account of the company’s initiatives, targets and performance across the following commitments: Respect for the Environment, Source with Integrity, Make a Positive Difference in the Community, Reflect the Nation’s Diversity and Be a great Place to Work.

Among numerous initiatives, Loblaw shared its long-term position and sustainability goals; an overview of industry partnerships that resulted in packaging recyclability; and the increase in renewable energy produced in stores and energy use optimization.

With its previous fund to the Chair of Sustainable Food Production, Loblaw is facilitating positive change in food production systems through education and research, and improvement of agricultural practices. As part of its commitment to health and wellness, Loblaw launched an in-store tool to help customers understand product properties by enabling rating on a scale according to nutritional contents.

CBSR is pleased to be a part of Loblaw's sustainability journey. Loblaw has made genuine progress over the years, particularly in waste management, expanding healthier food choices, and sustainable sourcing. We are delighted to see Loblaw’s fifth sustainability report, which demonstrates transparency and commitment to its stakeholders.