Avista Launches Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Pilot Program

Avista Launches Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Pilot Program

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@AvistaUtilities launches #ElectricVehicle pilot program to install 272 charging stations in #Washington http://bit.ly/2aciYzj
Monday, July 25, 2016 - 11:00am

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Avista continues to plan and adapt for the future by announcing a commitment to install 272 electric vehicle charging port connections in approximately 200 locations in the Washington service area.

Recently, the Washington State Transportation and Utility Commission approved a $3,000,000 pilot program for Avista to install charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) at residential and commercial customer locations over a two year period. The chargers (EVSE) will be owned and maintained by Avista, with target installations at 120 residential homes and approximately 80 workplace and public locations, including 7 high-power DC fast chargers to enable regional EV travel. This pilot will help Avista understand emerging EV charging needs and behaviors, and how future impacts may be best managed on Avista’s system. It will also support growing EV adoption and inform long-term planning to improve efficiencies, maximize benefits and minimize costs in support of electric transportation. 

“The launch of this pilot program represents a positive outcome for our customers and the company,” said Kevin Christie, vice president of customer solutions at Avista. “It supports our customer’s need for greater choice and value beyond basic energy services currently offered by Avista. Avista is committed to supporting electric transportation that over time can result in significant benefits for our customers and the communities we serve, including fuel and maintenance cost savings and lower air pollution.

Avista expects to begin installing charging stations by August, 2016. More information and applications to participate are available at avistautilities.com/transportation.

Program Benefits to Avista Customers and the Community

Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles are a proven technology that provide significant savings on fuel and maintenance costs. For example, transportation fuel costs per household average $2,340 per year assuming gasoline at $2.50 a gallon, compared to $495 per year using electricity at 9 cents per kilowatt-hour. 

Environmental Factors

EV’s make a big difference in protecting the environment by emitting zero tailpipe emissions locally, and 80% less CO2 into the air from total electricity generation sources that supply the power for Avista’s system.

Electric Load Management

In the future, the increased adoption of EVs could strain the system during on-peak times and increase costs. Alternatively, if EV charging can be shifted to times of low system demand (“off-peak”), then the system is not as strained and existing infrastructure can be better utilized. This would result in a more efficient, less costly and more reliable grid, benefiting all of Avista’s electric customers. It may be possible to shift most of EV charging to off-peak times and still satisfy the customer’s EV charging needs, for example by mostly charging overnight. This is one of the main learning objectives of the EVSE Pilot.

Other Electric Transportation Programs Avista is involved in include:

  • Edison Electric Institute Fleet Electrification Pledge
  • Edison Electric Institute Electrification Working Group
  • Electric Power Research Institute Infrastructure Working Council
  • US Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge