Atlas Copco Celebrates 143 Years: A Video Message From Turkey

Atlas Copco Celebrates 143 Years: A Video Message From Turkey

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Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 10:35am

CAMPAIGN: Diversity & Inclusion at Atlas Copco


The million dollar question for businesses these days seems to be, “what is our most valuable asset?” Is it our products? Our services? Or perhaps a great process? At Atlas Copco, we believe that our most valuable asset, and what makes our company truly unique, are our people.

We aim for collaborative teamwork, operational excellence, and creative problem solving. Creating a positive work environment that is based on high trust and strong relationships among our employees that make them feel like a family is our key to success as these strong relationships lead to increased collaboration, productivity, higher levels of employee motivation, creativity, and commitment that will help our organization go one step further.

At Atlas Copco, each employee is involved in helping the organization meet its goals. All input is valued and each employee is encouraged to take a hands on role in running the business. In order to achieve this, we provide employees with the tools and authority required to improve their performance. When people feel that they are responsible for the success or failure of something, there’s a sense of ownership involved. When you feel a sense of ownership, you take care of it more than you would otherwise.

Our satisfied, highly-motivated, passionate and loyal employees who are engaged in their work and committed to our organization give us crucial competitive advantages—including higher productivity and lower employee turnover.” says Ronny Onkelinx, Vice President Holding, “The key is believing that the greater an employee’s engagement, the more likely he or she is to  deliver excellent job performance.”

This February, Atlas Copco celebrated 143 years all over the world, and Atlas Copco Turkey employees prepared a touching video to celebrate the event.

“Employees were enthusiastically willing to share their feelings about their employer and how proud and lucky they feel about working at Atlas Copco,” says Ronny Onkelinx, Vice President Holding. “For sure, an organization’s employees are a perfect reflection of its corporate culture and we are confident that Atlas Copco Turkey, with its passionate and loyal employees will continue making things happen.”

Watch the video here

Atlas Copco Turkey is part of the Atlas Copco Group. It offers sales & service to its customers in four Business Areas: Compressor Technique, Industrial Technique, Mining and Rock Excavation Technique, Construction Technique. Atlas Copco Turkey has offices and sales/service teams in all major cities in Turkey including İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Bursa. For more information, call or +90 216 581 0581 or visit Atlas Copco Turkey’s website and social media on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.