Addressing Unemployment, a Significant Global Challenge

Addressing Unemployment, a Significant Global Challenge

FedEx Cares Makes a Difference, Community by Community
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 6:00pm

CAMPAIGN: FedEx Global Citizenship Report



Neil Gibson, FedEx Services

FedEx is passionate about delivering it forward for the people and places where team members live and work. As Vice President of Corporate Communications at FedEx Services, Neil Gibson puts his heart and soul into this life-changing effort. What drives him, and how does he see the company’s role in giving back to society?

“My work is very personal. I’ve always had a passion for giving back to my community. In college I volunteered to build homes, and in the Air Force I delivered Meals on Wheels. Today, I use my leadership skills to answer the call when people ask FedEx for help — whether it’s delivering an airplane full of supplies to earthquake victims in Nepal, or helping women entrepreneurs start their dream business.

Our FedEx Cares strategy is both local and global. We constantly ask ourselves how can we help solve big problems in our own backyard, and on a global scale? And how can we enable our team members to support local causes they are passionate about?

One of the biggest global challenges that has to be addressed community by community is unemployment. Our team members see the impacts on people’s lives in their own communities, and want to help. So helping people to improve their work prospects by learning new skills is one of our main priorities.

For example, team members in Paris, France, wanted to make a difference to the high unemployment rate they see among young people living near our Charles De Gaulle airport hub.

With the local United Way group, FedEx invited junior high school students to spend two days at the hub, learning about the business world and transportation industry.

This simple first step is just one great example among many of how our community investments go back to our purpose statement — connecting people and possibilities.”

To learn more about citizenship efforts at FedEx, visit to view the 2017 Global Citizenship Report. Highlights from Charitable Giving include:

  • 1,600 requests for help received by FedEx Cares from local and global organizations in FY16
  • More than 55% of requests for help approved
  • Invested more than $46 million in charitable contributions, benefiting 97 communities toward our commitment to invest $200 million in 200+ global communities by 2020