21st Century Fox Provides Training and a New Studio for Young Female Broadcast Journalists

21st Century Fox Provides Training and a New Studio for Young Female Broadcast Journalists

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Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 10:00am

The Television Club at Bishop Kearney High School recently received a state-of-the-art renovation of its studio thanks to 21st Century Fox. The company purchased new equipment for the school's student-run news station, WBKS, and professionals from Fox 5 trained the students on how to operate it. The initiative comes as part of the company's commitment to support and develop the next generation of journalists and storytellers. The Brooklyn-based high school's daily news broadcasts are much improved since the club started more than 20 years ago, and this new equipment will enhance their capabilities even further. The club has become a big draw for incoming students.

"We had 20-year-old equipment, and we managed with it, but now we have equipment here that could rival any college or university," said Dr. Margaret Minson, president of the school. "And our young women are learning how -- again through the generosity of Fox -- they're learning how to use it."

The school's journey toward the new studio began with a visit to Fox 5's morning show "Good Day New York" last fall, where the television club members' drive and determination caught the eye of 21CF. In November, the company purchased and installed state-of-the-art monitors, cameras, and sound technology. Director of Production, Donna Pisciotta, oversaw the project, along with additional expertise from Fox 5 technicians and journalists. The Fox 5 team made regular visits to WBKS to provide training and guidance during the months that followed.

"It was difficult at first, but we were lucky enough to have the wonderful people from Fox coming in and sitting down with us and explaining everything to us," said Emily Missud, a senior at Bishop Kearney who serves as content manager for WBKS.

"Compared to what we had, this new equipment is no comparison; it's amazing," said Bridget Pynn, Junior, Technical Director. "Every day we're learning more about it."

The station is entirely student-run, providing valuable hands-on experience to those aspiring to be broadcast journalists, producers, and technical directors. The new equipment has enabled them to expand their skill sets, as the new mobile cameras allow them to broadcast from anywhere in the school and conduct weather reports outdoors. The students made their first live news broadcast on January 15.

"It's tremendous the way they work the audio boards, and the cameras, and the anchors," said Lew Leone, the vice president and general manager of Fox 5. "You can see there's a real collaboration of the students. I think that's the benefit with a program like this."

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